Repairs - to bridles, saddles, harness including synthetic items as well as to all other types of leathergoods including fitting new zips to boots and chaps.

Alterations – Bridles, harness and other leathergoods can all be altered to suit the customer. Cheekpieces, throatlashes, reins & stirrup leathers can be shortened. Removal or insertion of elastic in girths, bag straps lengthened and boots widened or shortened.

Saddle flocking – Full or partial reflocks with soft white wool. Saddle checks may be required to ensure that the saddle fits the horse and are recommended for reflocking. Full reflock from £105 plus milage including saddle check.
Images – some before & afters
Saddle Repair   Saddle Repair
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Rocking Horse   Rocking Horse
Saddle repair   Saddle Repair
Bellows   Bellows
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